Club Sponsors

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our sponsors who quite simply without we would not survive. Their continued support is the lifeblood of this Club and I would encourage all our players and visitors alike to make use of their services. It would be benificial to all if you mentioned where you saw their name. If you would like to be on this page please contact the Club and we would be delighted to receive your support.



The Eglinton Arms                    

The renowned Eglinton Arms Hotel, once one of the most popular hostelries on the outskirts of Glasgow, is currently enjoying a renaissance. It has taken just over a year and a considerable amount of effort to hatch a batch of ambitious plans to reinvent this hotel, which was affectionately known as [The Eg]. The proprietor offers you a warm welcome to their exciting new development and hope you return soon to experience all that's on offer.




Ravenstone Financial Management Ltd.

Ravenstone is one of Scotland's largest and most progressive providers of independent financial advice. Located in the heart of both Glasgow and Edinburgh, their award winning offices are ideally placed to serve the needs of the corporate and private client. With our unique sponsorship deal we will receive 15% of the commision of any transaction arranged through our affiliation, so we would encourage anybody who requires a mortgage or any other financial services to contact them and make sure you tell them where you were refered. This could be an extremely lucrative deal for the Club and we thank Norman Milne and his colleages for this kind sponsorship.

McMaster (Holdings) Ltd. have a stock of quality unfurnished flats throughout the Glasgow area and would be dlighted to assist your search for a suitable property.


Other Sponsors:



The Eaglesham Fair committee have once again assisted us financially this year and we look forward to supporting the Fair in the summer.


We would like to thank HBOS for their kind donation to Club and for their services in looking after the banking for Eaglesham Amateurs Football Club for the coming seasons. We hope this will be a long and mutually beneficial association with one of Britain's top banking organisations.


We have had some recent support from 2 companies which are doing work locally and expressed a large interest in giving something back to some local organisations and institutions.

Mactaggart and Mickel have been building a new housing estate in the Village at the top of Polnoon Street. They have initiatives to invest in the local communities that they are working in. They were kind enough to offer us a sum of money allowing the provision of new football bags to every playing member of the club. Below is a couple of pictures of the handover:

2020 Renewables have been involved in the construction of the Whitelee Windfarm, just a couple of miles outside the village. They allowed us to provide new matchday polo-shirts for everyone at the club!